unlock made just for you! By registering your card, you can begin earning rewards at more than 550 participating Pilot and Flying J locations. Members earn points, shower credits, and special bonuses such as Coffee Club and discounts on in-store merchandise. Register your existing Driver Payback or Frequent Fueler card or if you are a new member stop by any Pilot or Flying J location for a Frequent Fueler Advantage card today.


  • Earn points and benefits with diesel fuel and DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) at the pump purchases
  • Instant redemption
  • Earn 1 shower credit per 50 gallon fill up or ½ credit for 14-49 gallon fill up
  • $7 off dumping fees
  • Register your card to earn extended shower credits and other special offers
    • Extended shower credits
    • Members-only benefits such as the Coffee Club, buy 5 hot beverages and the 6th is on us!


  • $.02 discount off each gallon of gasoline*
  • $.03 discount off each gallon of diesel* (discount received off cash price)
  • $.10 discount off each gallon of propane fuel
  • $5 off dumping fee
  • Member only benefits and coupons

* Due to certain state regulations, we are unable to administer the discount in the state of Wisconsin

* The advertised pump price on the commercial diesel lanes in Indiana and Oregon represents the tax-exempt price for commercial vehicles only. Non-commercial or private vehicles are required by law to pay the state fuel tax at the time of purchase. When making purchases in these states on the commercial lanes, the pump price will increase to the taxed price as required. You will still receive your discount of $.03 off the cash price


  • Earn ½ shower credit for every 14-49 gallon fill up for diesel or gas
  • Members-only benefits such as the Coffee Club, buy 5 hot beverages and the 6th is on us!

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